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Mercedes Benz Electronic Steering Lock Emulator

Mercedes Benz Electronic Steering Lock Emulator

  • £2999

Mercedes Benz ESL EIS (E)lectronic (S)teering (L)ock Emulator

 Made in UK using high-quality components. Each unit is bench tested on a working EZS setup before dispatch.

Your existing ESL should be dismantled and removed.
Only 3 wires need to be connected (+ , - and Data). The units wires are terminated in crimp connectors for an easy plug and play installation.

You can also use the emulator to test a working EIS and key on the workbench, independent of the vehicle.

The emulator can also be reused on different EIS / Vehicles as it does not lock itself to any particular EIS.

Vehicles Supported:

W210 (with two Motorola), W211 (new type), W219 (new type)
Will also work with W209, W202, W208, W203 and many others...

This unit will NOT fit W204,W207 or W212 Vehicles. These vehicles use a more advanced system where each ESL is cryptographically married to the EZS/Vehicle. Our service that does cover these models can be found here :

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