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Range Rover L322 EAS ABS Reset Tool Air Suspension Kicker Fault Clear Device

  • £5999

Range Rover L322 EAS ABS RESET tool V2.1 


Plug it in, wait until the LED is solid RED and you're ready to go.


Please note that if the fault re-appears, your vehicle has a more extensive fix that will need to be addresed by a qualified mechanic.


Video of the tool in action - HERE!!!

The tool will tell you the number of Faults both the EAS and ABS systems have and will clear the faults automatically.


Works on all L322 Range Rovers produced between 2002 and 2005.

This is a must have tool for every Range Rover L322 owner. Just keep it in the glove box until the next time an EAS fault occurs. You don't need any instruction manuals to use it. Plug it in, read the notifications on the instruments panel and remove the tool when its done. The whole procedure takes less than a minute.

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