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Range Rover L322 EAS ABS Reset Tool

Posted by Duncan Thomas on

We are now stocking our own UK built and tested Range Rover L322 EAS ABS Reset Tool.



The Electronic air Suspension on Range Rover L322 vehicles can be a constant cause of issues. Most air suspension faults have the same symptoms, a SUSPENSION INACTIVE message will show on the dash display. The car will then be very slow to raise (or not raise at all) and only go into standard ride height will not go in off road or access mode occasionally it will introduce restricted performance (the dreaded limp home mode).

This little plug and play unit can reset most common EAS faults and as an added bonus, will also notify and clear ABS faults too. Simply plug it into your L322's OBD port, read the prompts on the dash display and within 60 seconds, the unit will have reset any EAS/ABS faults it has found.



Range Rover L322 2002-2005

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