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Here are a few common questions answered.


Ok so i have ordered a repair service, now what do I do ??

Thanks for your order! Once you have completed the checkout please send your key to:

Fobfix (SFY)
28 North View
Wilsden, Bradford
BD15 0NH

Send by AT LEAST RECORDED DELIVERY, a standard first class stamp will leave it sat in the post office revenue protection bins for 2 weeks due to "Deficient Postage" causing concern and eventually we have to pay the difference to receive it.

Please package your item in a Jiffy bag. Receiving an empty paper envelope with a hole in the end generally leaves one very unhappy customer.

Send just the fob. Extra key rings, chains or bottle openers are not necessary and will be discarded to keep return post weights down.

Include your name, return address and contact number clearly written or printed on slip inside the jiffy. Your order invoice is an optional addition but can help at times.

A short note detailing your fault specifics really helps for those odd problems.

Once we receive your key we will carry our your chosen repair and return it to you typically within 48hrs but please bear with us during busy periods.

I still can’t find what im looking for, can you help?

Please contact us on 07767 668967 or use our contact form and we will be happy to help!

I can't see the exact repair I need, can you still repair my key fob?

Very likely! As there are so many remotes and key fobs it is difficult to have them all on our site however we do update our site regularly. For items not listed we may not be able to acquire new housings but still can repair internal components and batteries. Please feel free to contact us for assistance.

My key fob looks like it has been run over / has been chewed by the dog / went through the washing machine ! can it still be repaired??

Yes most likely! Although we cannot 100% guarantee it, we have carried out repairs to remotes that have been chewed by dogs, literally ran over by a car, been through the washing machine and dropped from a great height and we have STILL been successful.

My remote has switches missing, can it be repaired?

Yes! We replace broken micro switches where required and if they are missing we will simply fit new ones.

Once you have carried out a repair does the remote retain it’s programming / will I need to reprogram the remote afterwards ?

There is nothing that we do that deletes the programming from any fob. If a fob has had a flat battery for a while. it may require a simple re-sync procedure which is usually detailed in the vehicles owner handbook.



Whilst all our devices and kits are checked before dispatch, there is occasionally a need to return items for various reasons.

Please return to the same address as above, including a note to state why the item has been returned. Upon delivery of the item it will be checked and a refund processed accordingly.