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W164 ML , W164 GL & W251 R Class EIS EZS Repair Service

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Do you have Mercedes-Benz ML , GL , R - Class after 2009 and your vehicle is either intermittently starting or not at all. Does your key suddenly stop working in the ignition only to start again after a few tries ?

Don't worry, we can help.

We can test the electronic ignition module (EIS/EZS), and keys for you, isolate the fault, repair it and return your items promptly and fully repaired.

Common faults:

• Key turns in the ignition switch , but the car isn't cranking

• Key turns in the ignition switch , engine cranks but the car isn't starting 

Key turns in the ignition switch but the ignition lights on the instrument cluster don't switch on

All you have to do is post us your ignition module and your keys and we will do the rest. It will be tested by our highly skilled engineering team and returned in working order.

We use a specialized benchtop simulator which assists us in diagnosing and testing your ignition switch. We require at least one working key to be sent with your unit. We have found that over 95% are repairable and most units are repaired and ready to be sent back within 24 hours.


1. Purchase this "Repair service" for your EIS.

2. Remove the following from your vehicle and package securely for posting in a sturdy box :
  • Your vehicles electronic ignition switch (Known as the EIS or EZS, its the module your key plugs into)
 This can be removed from the dash by unscrewing the locking bezel that holds it in place and unhooking the connectors on the rear of the unit.
  • A key
 that was currently known to start the vehicle before the ESL faults started occuring.
  • Full contact details in the package including your vehicles registration details

Send the above via Special Delivery or Courier to:

    FAO : Duncan Thomas, 28 North View, Wilsden, Bradford, BD15 0NH
3. The service will be completed and your original EIS/Key will be returned via Special Delivery the day after repair.

 4. Once received,  Refit the ignition module in place.

 5. Start your car !

Our Guarantee

Your EIS is guaranteed for parts and labour for twelve months from repair.

I have a very high success rate but occasionally the fault with the EIS may not be repairable or the fault may be diagnosed as being with the vehicle. I will contact you and explain the fault in plain and simple terms. You will then have the option to cancel your purchase.

In the unlikely event that repair is not possible I will refund your FULL payment including postage and return your Key(s)/EIS.

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