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Ford Fiesta MK7 Key Fob Programmer Kit

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This kit contains a number of blank remotes and simple plug and play device for adding spare remotes to your MK7 Ford Fiesta. It is supplied with a number of new remotes but can also be used to add standard non remote keys too.


The unit has a push button to select one of the three modes it operates in, which are :

1. Check number of current keys programmed.

2. Add key.

3. Delete all currently programmed keys.


Just turn on the ignition with the key you wish to program, Plug the unit into your vehicles OBD socket holding the button , wait for the beep and in 30 seconds your key is programmed. Remotes are added in manually using the standard ford method.


A video of the unit in ction can be seen here :



In order to prevent misuse of the unit, it will be locked to the VIN of the first vehicle it is used on.

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