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BMW Electronic Steering Lock Emulator

  • £3499

Problems with your BMW's ELV (Elektrische Lenkungsverriegelung A.K.A Electronic Steering Lock) ?

Simply remove the 4 pin connector from your ELV unit. Plug the connector onto our tiny emulator and start the car.

Works on E81, E82, E87, E90, E91, E92, E93, E60, E61, E63 and E64 and also covers Mini R55, R56

  • Emulates ELV (steering lock module)
  • "Plug and Play" - no additional programming is necessary
  • Pins are pre-soldered and Pin 1 is marked on the PCB.

In some cases you will need to clear CAS error memory and counters with a diagnostic tool. If connected correctly the buzzer located on emulator board will give a short beep when the vehicles CAS is accessing  the ELV (lock and unlock commands). If there is an error the unit will beep 5 times.

Also works on 3 pin ELV units such as those found in BMW mini's. The fourth missing pin is only for a higher mechanical drive voltage to power the ELV motor and isn't required by our emulator. 

Important Notes: This device will NOT turn off any yellow/red steering wheel symbols. It is designed to emulate a working steering lock so you will need to reset the CAS counter or ELV counter before the lights turn off.

This device will fix your problem as long as you have a FAULTY ELV. it wont fix your problem if you have a faulty CAS unit. Its your responsibility to make sure your ELV is faulty.