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Range Rover Sport Evoque Vogue Key Fob Remote Programming

  • £14999

Keys Programmed By Post 

All models with pictured key, 2009 - 2018

 Land/Range Rovers are now unable to have new keys programmed directly using the ODB port due to an anti-theft security ugrade.

At Fobfix, we can directly reprogram your Land/Range Rovers KVM (Keyless Vehicle Module) to add new keys without having to pay main dealer prices.

All you need to do is send us your KVM Module which can be easily removed from its postion in the boot within 5 minutes. If you wish to have the emergency blades cut, please include an existing keyblade and we will happily duplicate them.

We will process your KVM, add the amount of new keys you require, cut the emergency blades and return your items via next day delivery.

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