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Ford Fiesta / Focus MK8 2018 Plus Model Key Fob Programmer Kit

Ford Fiesta / Focus MK8 2018 Plus Model Key Fob Programmer Kit

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This unit does not and will not support adding or deleting keys from vehicles that have an actve and/or sounding alarm.

These vehicles also use the newer style ID49 prox keys. In our video we use a VVDI key but please double check you are using the correct type of key. The older ID49 prox keys that work with the 16-18 Kuga for instance WILL NOT WORK.

This is a simple plug and play device for adding spare remotes to your MK8 model 2018 and up Ford Fiesta , Focus , Kuga , Puma or EcoSport. It can be used to add prox remotes, bladed remotes and also standard non remote keys too.

The unit supports all these later models that use a HU5T / JU5T and LU5T Body Control Module and will autodetect these units presence in the vehicle.

Ford enhanced the security of their BCM's around 2022. This is the crossover year for most models and the unit will NOT program keys to these later units.

Supports the following models, both prox and bladed :

Fiesta 2017 - 2022

Focus 2018 - 2022

Kuga 2019 - 2023

Puma 2019 - 2023

EcoSport 2018 - 2021

KA+ 2019 - 2020

The unit has a set of dip switches to select one of the three modes it operates in, which are :

Mode 1 - All switches OFF / Down - Check number of current keys/remotes programmed.

Mode 2 - Only Switch 4 ON / UP - Add key/remote.

Mode 3 - ONly Switch 3 ON/UP - Delete all currently programmed keys/remotes.

Just turn on the ignition with the key/remote you wish to program, Plug the unit into your vehicles OBD socket , the unit will process the vehicle and after about 3-4 minutes wait for the beep/blue light and cycle the ignition and your key/remote is programmed.

For Prox based models its even easier. Just place the blank prox key in the reader area (this is usually in the tray in the center console) and plug in the unit. It will perform all the functions automatically and blink the hazards and locks twice and display on the dashboard when a key is successfully programmed.

 You can see a video of the unit in action here :

If you are wanting to generate one of the VVDI keys as shown in the above video, it can be found in the VVDI Key tool software as the following key. This is for the UK 433Mhz frequency keys :

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