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Ford Kuga 2016-2018 Proximity Key Fob Programmer Kit

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Due to concerning information that these key programming devices could possibly be used for acts other than their legitimate purpose, Fobfix have implemented the following factors.

All programmer devices inlude an initial 5 minute security wait time if a manufacturer wait time is not already present.

All programmer devices have a unique serial number that will be recorded against the purchase.

All programmer devices will keep an internal record of the VIN numbers of the vehicles they have been used on.

Fobfix does not and will never condone the use of any of our devices for illegitimate purposes.



This kit contains a number of blank remotes and simple plug and play device for adding spare proximity remotes to your 2016-2018 Ford Kuga.

Also supported by the same device are :


• C Max with keyless start/stop system - April 2015-2018
• Grand C Max with keyless start/stop system - 2015-2018
• Focus, ST and RS - 2015-2017


The unit has a set of dip switches to select one of the three modes it operates in, which are :

1. Check number of current keys/remotes programmed.

2. Add key/remote.

3. Delete all currently programmed keys/remotes.


Just place the proximity key you wish to program on the reader zone in the front cup holder but leave the ignition turned OFF, Plug the unit into your vehicles OBD and in under 60 seconds your key/remote is programmed.

 You can see a video of the unit in action here :


NOTE : This unit will not currently program keys to vehicles that have an active alarm !

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