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Mercedes W204 W207 W212 Electronic Steering Lock ESL Emulator Service

  • £19999

Faulty Mercedes W204 / W207 or W212 Electronic Steering Lock like the one in the picture ? Our service will provide a solid state emulator to replace it !

Don’t fall for the dealerships charging you hundreds if not thousands of pounds for a new ESL. Replace it with a solid state emulator using our postal programming service and never have to worry about it failing again.

The original Mercedes steering lock has a weak point in its design, a small DC motor that is used to wind the lock peg in and out of the splined steering column.Over time this wears, fails and presents the following symptoms :

• Unable to turn the key in the ignition

• The steering remains locked with the key in the ignition

• The ignition key turns, but no lights on the dash

• The steering lock is OFF with no key in the ignition 

• Diagnosis Fault Code A25464 A25407 A25408 A25409 

How Does the service work?
NOTE : Before anything else, make sure you are able to remove the original faulty steering lock from its position on the steering column. If it has failed in the locked position this may be quite a difficult task but needs to be done for this service to work.
You will also need to confirm that your EIS module is NOT of the later "FBS 4" type. This is usually found on the W218 CLS Class which looks like the W212 E Class. If the lable on the back of the EIS units has "FBS 4" printed next to the small QR code, it is not compatible with this service.
1. Purchase this service for your ESL.
2. Remove the following from your vehicle and package securely for posting in a sturdy box :
  • Your vehicles EIS (electronic ignition switch)
 This can be removed from the dash by unscrewing the locking bezel that holds it in place and unhooking the connectors on the rear of the unit.
  • A key
 that is currently known to start the vehicle before the ESL faults started occuring.
  • Full contact details in the package including your vehicles registration details
Send the above via Special Delivery to:
    FAO Duncan Thomas, FOBFIX, 28 North View, Wilsden, Bradford, BD15 0NH
3. The service will be completed and your original EIS/Key and newly coded ESL emulator will be returned via Special Delivery the day following the service.
 4. Once received, fit the EIS back into the vehicle. Fit the ESL emulator module in place of the original ESL and secure adequately.
 5. Start your vehicle, safe in the knowledge that you will no longer have any ESL issues!
Our Guarantee
Your ESL emulator is guaranteed for parts and labour for twelve months from repair.
I have a very high success rate but occasionally an ESL emulator cannot be programmed due to the fault being with the Keys, EIS or vehicle. I will contact you and explain the fault in plain and simple terms. You will then have the option to cancel your purchase.
In the unlikely event that repair is not possible I will refund your FULL payment including postage and return your Key/EIS.

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